Today's meeting of the Committee of Privileges is the former prime minister's last big chance to salvage his reputation and career: what should we look out for?
Modern politics is stereotyped as dominated by spin and misdirection and increasingly plain untruths, but we need our politicians to be honest, and they…
Reaching middle age has brought together my own self-perception and my existence in the world: it's not shocking but it does make one stop and think
Some politicians can return from the biggest setbacks and time heals almost any wounds; can any scandal end a career now, or will we forgive anything?
The prime minister declines to appear in front of the European Scrutiny Committee on the Windsor Framework, but select committees aren't always the best…
The prime minister met President Biden and Anthony Albanese of Australia in San Diego, hinting at the direction of UK foreign policy
In politics we are now divided not only by ideology but by an inability to agree on facts themselves, and conspiracy theories are entrenching themselves
The Conservatives' deputy chairman is supposed to appeal to working-class voters, but his grim-faced, mean-minded attitude is not what people want
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